K-Soda, bringing your K-"pop" needs

#Camat #BlackMarketTattoo (at Black Market Tattoo)

#Moist #TheBigBangTheory #TBT #SimonHelberg #KunalNayyar #Raj (at Edmonton Expo Centre)

Lined up for @JessicaNigri an hour early lol (at Edmonton Expo Centre)

#CrustySock #YEG @JessicaNigri #JessicaNigri (at Edmonton Expo Centre)

My first good #paintjob start to finish! stripped, primed, and painted! #speedycollision

#ALS #IceBucketChallenge #yeg

I know everyone is sad about #RobinWilliams RIP, I am as well but I want to voice my opinion on #suicide. It seems like a good way to run from all your problems but my family taught me that it was the most selfish thing you can ever do. Think about the people who actually love and care for you. The family you are leaving behind. I wouldn’t expect anyone to come to my funeral after I committed suicide because that would be a crime against my parents and god who gave me life. Suicide for a Christian/Catholic is a terrible sin #thyshallnotkill I know #depression is a mental problem and we should do all in our power to prevent it from ruining precious lives and those who are affected. I’d like to confess at times I have felt depressed but hid it with fake smiles, laughs, jokes and immaturity. I fought the depression with pure optimism and the thought of those friends and family that give a f*ck about me as much as I give a f*ck about them. If someone or something doesn’t make you happy sometimes it’s best to leave it behind to do what makes you happy. Try and remove as much stress for your life as possible. As for the people who aren’t suffering from depression try to be nice and respectful to everyone else because you don’t know if they have a shitty life and are hiding their depression with a smile. #Fuckdepression #Fucksuicide

#dragonboat #dragonboatfestival #yeg #anchormanagement (at Louise McKinney Riverfront Park)

#TMNT (at Scotiabank Cineplex Theatre)

#TMNT (at Scotiabank Cineplex Theatre)

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